Hideto IIDA


“Oscilloscope_3d” The White, Tokyo

2021.05.18 (Tue) – 05.29 (Sat)
Alternative Space The White #205

2016年に開始した音を聴いて立体をつくる活動”Oscilloscope_3d”の作品数は1000を超え、その一部を抜粋した展示。 Oscilloscope(オシロスコープ)とは、音を2次元の波形で画面表示する装置。しかし音には構造・素材感・形態と感覚的 な奥行きがあると捉え、音から3次元の立体をつくる試みが”Oscilloscope_3d”。物質から放たれた音を聴き反射的に浮かぶ像は、意図的に描くことのできない、かつ儚く移り変わるもの。その一瞬の衝撃を記憶するため、日々立体に立ち上げ た作品群は初期衝動の集積ともいえる。

Oscilloscope is an device that displays sound on a screen in the form of a two-dimensional waveform. However, he believes that sound has structure, materiality, form, and sensory depth, so the Oscilloscope_3d is an attempt to create a three-dimensional object out of sound. The images that emerge as a result of listening to the sound emitted from a substance are images that cannot be deliberately drawn, and that change fleetingly. In order to memorize the impact of this moment, he has created a series of works in three dimensions on a daily basis, which can be said to be an accumulation of his initial impulses.

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