Hideto IIDA


“屈折夢 / Traume Refracted”

“屈折夢 / Traume Refracted”
2022.05.03 (Tue) – 05.08 (Sun)
稲沢市荻須記念美術館第Ⅱ展示室 / Inazawa City Oguiss Memorial Art Museum, Exhibition Room Ⅱ


Between dreams and reality, time and space appear to be distorted and intermingled. You don’t realize you are dreaming until you wake up. The sounds, scents and touches take us unintentional trip like dreams. The slightly refracted space-time where consciousness and unconsciousness marble can be a large distortion sensuously. When I look at a three-dimensional work, I feel as if I can return to that space-time. Leaving the works as objects may be an act of trying to drive a stake in the consciousness in order to remember the sensation. The objects are somewhat disorder feeling in the real space and feel like refracted images. As refraction has a starting point, where did the image envisioned to myself become distorted on its axis? In order to trace back the original landscape, I tried to place my works in Inazawa City Ogisu Memorial Art Museum in my hometown.

Photography: Masafumi Tsuji

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